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Offering a variety of churro flavors, ice cream, milkshakes, specialty coffee drinks, and milk teas. Enjoy a warm churro with a taste boba tea or combine your favorite churro with ice cream to make a delicious churro sundae. The possibilities are endless! From the start, Locca Churros & Teas has been dedicated to the happiness and well-being of both our guests and staff members. We take pride in providing the best experience possible, so we have ingrained a spirit of ‘Culture’ and ‘Unity’ into our company’s foundation. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment in which friends, family, and new acquaintances can gather around for a pleasant cultural and communal experience.

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What Our Customers Say

A classic Locca perfection. I feel lucky since this tea place is in my town. I will try churros next time. Vanilla fun looks like yummm
The churros were great, the teas were fantastic.
Really good churros & tea. Tried boba for the first time (after seeing a review), and it's not my thing... but it wasn't bad. I'll likely returning here again.

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Inside of the Union Market. Located on the
at the Kaleidoscope.

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